Tuckaway Engineering

Tuckaway Engineering is an Australian family-owned company based near Mt Barker in the Adelaide Hills. In 2005, Alison and Tristan Badger took over Tuckaway from Alison's parents, Jim and Kate Tucker, and Tristan continues to run the business as owner/manager.

Since then we've been working to develop export channels and solidify the distribution network in Australia, and develop additional products which use our established expertise in staple manufacture.

In 2006, Tuckaway responded to demand from oyster growers for a strong, durable anchor for plastic long lines, introducing the stainless steel Tuckaway Staple aquaculture riser. Adapted from the proven vineyard product, the stainless version has met with great enthusiasm from oyster farmers from Australia and overseas.

Although manufacturing the millions of Tuckaway Staples installed each year keeps us flat out, the effort is rewarded when we hear from the many customers whose working life has been made simpler by using Tuckaway products.