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U-staple pneumatic driver!

Posted on Mar 11 2009
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U-staple Pneumatic Driver

Are you a fencing contractor working with standard fencing U-staples? Or do you want to install U-staples in the vineyard using the same quick, convenient pneumatic method you're using for theTuckaway Staple? The U-staple Pneumatic Driver Head from Tuckaway is interchangeable and suits standard U-shaped fencing staples. Swap heads in less than a minute, and make Tuckaway's Pneumatic Driver do both jobs!


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Introducing the Tuckaway™ Staple

Tuckaway Staple shape design

If you're looking for the most cost-effective method of achieving robust, versatile trellising, you've come to the right place!

The Tuckaway Staple is a unique all-steel trellising staple which allows the wire to be removed from the post. Installed using either a hand tool and a hammer, or using a pneumatic gun, the strength, ease of installation and long life means Tuckaway Staple is the smart choice for versatile vineyard trellising.