Tuckaway Staple

Tuckaway Staples

The Tuckaway Staple has become the industry standard for supporting foliage wires on timber vineyard posts. The unique design allows wires to be easily removed and repositioned, yet held firmly during all vineyard operations.

In addition to the versatility of canopy management, vignerons also appreciate the durability, excellent retention in the post and the cost-effectiveness. The staple is easily installed to a predetermined depth with the Tuckaway installation tools.

Additional benefits include:

  • Horizontal twin leg design reduces splitting of timber along grain.
  • Non-protruding, harvester safe, will not catch on bird netting.
  • Twice the load-bearing area of a conventional U-shaped staple.
  • Twin barbs ensure retention in the timber.
  • Available with shorter legs for harder wood, or longer legs for softer wood.
  • Unique precision curve allows wires to be released for repositioning of foliage.


S59mm Standard - ideal for 99% of posts, this is a good choice if the posts are average permapine.

S54mm Hard Wood - for exceptionally hard timbers (Karri, Jarrah, etc.) - approximately 5mm shorter.

S64mm Soft Wood - for exceptionally soft posts (very new, wet permapine) - approximately 5mm longer.

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